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Triple Backcycle (♭VI → ♭III → ♭VII → IV → I)

The ♭VI, ♭III, and ♭VII are Borrowed Chords from the Parallel minor Key. This Chord Progression is called a "backcycle" because it goes through The Circle of Fifths "backwards", instead of going through it "forwards" like The Circle Progression. It is "triple" because we are going backwards three times, once for each Borrowed Chord. This structure can be thought of as a "Pre-Cadence" (i.e.: a Chord Progression leading up to a Cadence, in this case, a Plagal Cadence).

Key of C Major:
A♭ [A♭-C-E♭] → E♭ [E♭-G-B♭] → B♭ [B♭-D-F] → F [F-A-C] → C [C-E-G]

Key of G Major:
E♭ [E♭-G-B♭] → B♭ [B♭-D-F] → F [F-A-C] → C [C-E-G] → G [G-B-D]

Key of D Major:
B♭ [B♭-D-F] → F [F-A-C] → C [C-E-G] → G [G-B-D] → D [D-F♯-A]

Key of A Major:
F [F-A-C] → C [C-E-G] → G [G-B-D] → D [D-F♯-A] → A [A-C♯-E]

Key of E Major:
C [C-E-G] → G [G-B-D] → D [D-F♯-A] → A [A-C♯-E] → E [E-G♯-B]

Key of B Major:
G [G-B-D] → D [D-F♯-A] → A [A-C♯-E] → E [E-G♯-B] → B [B-D♯-F♯]

Key of F♯ Major:
D [D-F♯-A] → A [A-C♯-E] → E [E-G♯-B] → B [B-D♯-F♯] → F♯ [F♯-A♯-C♯]

Key of C♯ Major:
A [A-C♯-E] → E [E-G♯-B] → B [B-D♯-F♯] → F♯ [F♯-A♯-C♯] → C♯ [C♯-E♯-G♯]

Key of F Major:
D♭ [D♭-F-A♭] → A♭ [A♭-C-E♭] → E♭ [E♭-G-B♭] → B♭ [B♭-D-F] → F [F-A-C]

Key of B♭ Major:
G♭ [G♭-B♭-D♭] → D♭ [D♭-F-A♭] → A♭ [A♭-C-E♭] → E♭ [E♭-G-B♭] → B♭ [B♭-D-F]

Key of E♭ Major:
C♭ [C♭-E♭-G♭] → G♭ [G♭-B♭-D♭] → D♭ [D♭-F-A♭] → A♭ [A♭-C-E♭] → E♭ [E♭-G-B♭]

Key of A♭ Major:
F♭ [F♭-A♭-C♭] → C♭ [C♭-E♭-G♭] → G♭ [G♭-B♭-D♭] → D♭ [D♭-F-A♭] → A♭ [A♭-C-E♭]

Key of D♭ Major:
A [A-C♯-E] → E [E-G♯-B] → B [B-D♯-F♯] → G♭ [G♭-B♭-D♭] → D♭ [D♭-F-A♭]

Key of G♭ Major:
D [D-F♯-A] → A [A-C♯-E] → E [E-G♯-B] → C♭ [C♭-E♭-G♭] → G♭ [G♭-B♭-D♭]

Key of C♭ Major:
G [G-B-D] → D [D-F♯-A] → A [A-C♯-E] → F♭ [F♭-A♭-C♭] → C♭ [C♭-E♭-G♭]