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Other Chords, Cadences, & Chord Progressions

It is common to think of Chord Progressions as simply a starting Chord and an ending Chord with something happening in-between. This is because we can move between any two Chords so long as we can find a way to do so that sounds pleasing. Other than providing unique sounds and feelings, this is pretty much the point of all of the other Chords beyond the basic Major and minor Triads. They are different ways to connect one Chord to another.

Types of Chords and How to Use Them

Chord Transformations: Add, Extend, and Alter

• Diminished Chords [Coming Soon]

• Augmented Chords [Coming Soon]

• Sixth Chords [Coming Soon]

Secondary Chords and Extended Dominants

• Slash Chords and Pedal Point [Coming Soon]

• Baselines and Stride Piano [Coming Soon]

• Suspensions (2nds, 4ths) and Line Clichés [Coming Soon]

• Tritone Substitutions [Coming Soon]

• Chromatic Mediants [Coming Soon]

More Cadences

The Picardy Third & The Minor Plagal Cadence

The ♭III Cadence

The ♭VII Cadence

More Chord Progressions

Triple Backcycle (♭VI → ♭III → ♭VII → IV → I)

The Backdoor Progression (iv → ♭VII → I)

• Ascending 5th [Coming Soon]

• Ascending 3rd [Coming Soon]

• Ascending 2nd [Coming Soon]

• Descending 2nd [Coming Soon]