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A lot of "Christian media" is considered "preachy". I can understand that sentiment. Some force their opinions on others because they desperately want them to believe the same as themselves. This is not unique to Christianity and can appear when people are passionate about any subject. It can be overbearing at times, but what matters most is the intention behind it. Some become overexcited to share what has been of help to them, but they might lack the words and demeanor to express it to others effectively. They simply proceed in whatever ways that they know best.

However, sometimes others use information (Christian or otherwise) as a means to abuse and manipulate, or as a justification for that type of behavior. Ironically, whether it is done intentionally or unintentionally, they often negate the very teachings that they claim to espouse. It is important to use discernment, to look beyond the words that are used and understand what lies behind them.

In a similar manner, a lot of "Christian media" has the reputation of being "corny". I identify less with that sentiment. Sometimes people cultivate a perception of "cool" that is actually harmful to themselves, and then pressure others into doing the same. They may not bat an eye when it comes to watching gore or explicit sex, but will balk at someone expressing an idea that is spiritually meaningful. This kind of desensitization also embodies a kind of sad irony. What would serve us most is not always what is most popular, and might even make us an outcast if we are to be steadfast in it. As for me, I do not mind looking "corny" (or even "insane"!) if it will bring others to experiencing a truth for themselves. I know it has brought me peace. To quote one of my favorite bands, The Free Design:
Honesty and purity
Beauty and sincerity
Doesn't that sound corny?
I wish that I were corny!
With all that said, the following links are not necessarily an endorsement of everything within these videos. I have just found them interesting or amusing in some way, and sincerely hope that you can find something personally meaningful in them too...

Entertainment (In No Particular Order)

Second Glance (1992)

Comments: Without giving too much of the story away, the contrast between the first half of the movie and the last half surprised me. The final scene seems to have become something of a meme?...Yeah, I don't always understand the humour of the Internet either...

The Perfect Stranger (2005)

Comments: This one is based off a novel called Dinner with a Perfect Stranger by a writer named David Gregory. There are several other remakes of this novel in movie form, but I haven't seen them yet. The lead actress is funny and the premise is intriguing.

Polycarp (2015)

Comments: A movie loosely based on the life of Polycarp, a well-known Christian martyr who lived in the Roman Empire during the first century. Funnily enough, the main character is not actually Polycarp, but a young slave girl named Anna.

On The Edge (1989)

Comments: I won't lie. The way in which this movie is filmed can be a little hard to follow at times. If you aren't paying attention, the constant jumping back and forth between the past and the present can throw you off. I like the soundtrack though and its got strong 80's vibes throughout.

Princess Cut (2015)

Comments: This is just an innocent little romantic film. There is something about it that I find endearing.

Love Note (1987)

Comments: Another romantic film, but with strong 80's vibes. The lead actress and actor are pretty good, although I will admit that a few of his lines throughout the movie feel a bit awkward to me.

The Pretender (1987)

Comments: If the two films above are romantic, then this one would have to be an "anti-romantic" film. The lead actor is convincingly sleezy...Haha! That sounds so bad, but I mean it as a compliment. He is a good actor. Again, strong 80's vibes throughout.

The Buttercream Gang (1992)

Comments: This is a sweet story about friendship.

• The Letter Writer (2011)

Comments: I really like this movie. Unfortunately, I cannot find a decent copy of it online [the ones on YouTube are cropped strangely and are hard to see].

• The Case for Christ (2017)

Comments: This one is based off of a non-fiction work of the same name. Unfortunately, like the above movie, I cannot find a decent legal copy online.

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Educational (In No Particular Order)

Bible Project

Comments: This channel has many beautiful animations that patiently and carefully explain the contents of each book of the bible or home in on a particular concept related to it. They are easy to understand and enjoyable to watch.

Whaddo You Meme??

Comments: A lot of his videos are humorous and insightful.

The Ten Minute Bible Hour

Comments: Totally misleading name (because the videos vary in length significantly), but a lot of fun to watch

Reasons for Hope

Comments: Lots of different types of videos, mostly covering the topic of evidence for the bible

Cold-Case Christianity with J. Warner Wallace

Comments: Similar to the above, but without the animations

A Rood Awakening!

Comments: Show-length videos on a lot of different topics

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