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Disclaimer: These articles are just a sharing of ideas. None of this is intended to convince anyone of the validity of any particular view, nor undermine the truth of whatever beliefs they already hold.

Judaism & Christianity

An Intepretation of Christianity (Part 1)

The Fruit of the Holy Spirit (A Small Concordance)

Biblical History & Meaning (Part 1: Purpose)

Interpretation of Text & Alpha-Numeric Codes

CCM Albums (Various Genres)

Movies (Entertainment & Educational)

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An Intepretation of Taoism (Part 1)

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The Russell Cosmogony & Living Philosophy (Walter & Lao Russell)

• External Link: The University of Science and Philososphy

A Living Philosophy
An introduction to the kind of thinking involved in understanding Walter and Lao's work

Tips For Reading Walter & Lao
A few hints for making the most of your reading

A Primer On Cubic Wave-Fields
An introduction to Walter and Lao's concept of the Cubic Wave-Field

A Primer On Cubesphere Crystallography
An introduction to Walter and Lao's concept of the Cubesphere

Changes In Walter & Lao's Work
A couple of important changes that their work went through over time

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Syndex Number Dynamics (Robert Marshall, Russell Kramer, Iona Miller, Jim Egan, Justin Lawless, et al.)

• External Link: Iona Miller's Page(s) on Syndex
• External Link: Jim Egan's Video Summary of Syndex
• External Link: Russell Kramer on Synchrographics

The Fundamentals of Syndex
A short synopsis of what Syndex is and a couple of basic terms that lie at its foundation

The Classification of Number
An explanation of Syndex's elegant way of classifying numbers into specific types

An Introduction To The 9-11 Cycloflex Exemplary Basewave
A demonstration of an important pattern that exists throughout all of number and the mathematical operations that uncover it

An Introduction To Mandalogs [In Progress...]
Converting number patterns into graphics which can help to uncover a deeper order

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VBM: Vortex-Based Mathematics (Marko Rodin, Scot Nelson, Randy Powell, Jamie Buturff, et al.)

The Universe: A Play In Four Acts
A condensed introduction to some fundamental patterns within Vortex-Based Mathematics

It's Vortices! Vortices All The Way Down!
Developing the fundamental patterns with an eye for their application within science

The Flux Thruster
Exploring the "proof of concept" for creating technologies based on Vortex-Based Mathematics

The Machine Becomes A Ghost [In Progress...]
Laying a foundation for "artificial intelligence" by mimicking Nature within the basics of computer hardware and software

A Simple Mathematical Approach To File "Compression" (and The Physics Behind It)
A brief note on how these ideas might appear within the compression/decompression of computer files

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The System of Cosmic Order (Robert Campbell)

• External Link: Cosmic Mind-Reach [Contains several free books and a lot of articles!]

A Summary of The System of Cosmic Order [In Progress...]
A condensed summary of System 1 through System 4

Connections Beyond Words
Building a bridge between The System of Cosmic Order and Vortex-Based Mathematics

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The Mereon Matrix (Lynnclaire Dennis, Louis H. Kauffman, Robert W. Gray, Jytte Brender McNair, Peter McNair, et al.)

• External Link: Lynnclaire Dennis' Near-Death Experience (NDE)
• External Link: Robert W. Gray's Geometry Pages
• External Link: Louis H. Kauffman's Geometry Pages
• External Link: Jytte Brender McNair - A Unifying Theory of Evolution Generated by Means of Information Modelling [Free Book]

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Symmetric Field Physics (The Star People, Aaity Olson)

• External Link: Alchemical Manual for this Millennium (Volumes 1 & 2) [Free Book]

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Living Systems Theory (James Grier Miller, Elaine Parent, Lane Tracy, et al.)

• External Link: James Grier Miller - Living Systems [Free Book]

The Twenty Subsystems

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Thinking & Destiny (Harold Percival)

• External Link: The Word Foundation [Contains several free books and a lot of articles!]

Usage of the Terms Feeling & Desire
A brief rundown of how these terms are used within the context of Thinking & Destiny

Awareness of the Body-Mind
A short note on how Thinking creates Destiny

Scientific Evidence of The Four Brains
Some scientific evidence for the concept of The Four Brains

Figures I-A Through I-E (PDF) [Right-Click, "Save As..."]
A merging of diagrams from the back of the book to aid in understanding; the dotted lines give an idea of how the Spheres, Worlds, Planes, States, and Substates are all nested inside of one another

Alchemy In Thinking & Destiny
A brief article showing some correspondences between Alchemy and some of the ideas within Thinking & Destiny

Taoism In Thinking & Destiny
A brief article showing some correspondences between Taoism and some of the ideas within Thinking & Destiny

Scientific Evidence of The Eternal Order of Progression
A short note on the concept of The Eternal Order of Progression

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Sacred Sexuality

• External Link: Walter Last - Healing With Sexual Energy [Article]
• External Link: The Fraternitas Rosae Crucis - Sacredness of Sex: The One Flesh Union [Article]

With the two articles above, the former is a little more scientific in its approach while the latter is a little more spiritual. They are both perfectly complementary and well worth reading in my opinion!

[Please see the "Relationships" section of Interesting Articles From Around The Internet for more resources.]

• External Link: George W. Savory - "Hell Upon Earth" Made Heaven [Free Book]
• External Link: Gerald E. Poesnecker - One Flesh [Free Book]

Attraction In Relationships

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Misc. Papers

♥ The True Lover's Knot ♥

A Theory of Everything

Lost Knowledge: A Story

Constraints In Communication


Destructive Tendencies

The Wolf In Sheep's Clothing: How They Are Bred & The Nature of Their Behavior

A Process For Changing Habits

Handling Stress, Anxiety, and Trauma

A Few Ideas In Nutrition

Finding Food Without Death

Civilization Made Anew

The Journey Home

Interesting Articles From Around The Internet

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