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Learning & Productivity

Learning how to learn is time well spent. Here are some ideas that may be of help:

Imagination As Play
On Reading
Effective Learning
Productivity, Efficiency
Excitement About Learning
Study Tips: Organization, Exploration, Repetition
Study Tips: Chains & Cycles
Study Tips: Another Way To Read A Book
Teaching Children [This also applies to adults and teaching oneself.]

Generally speaking, according to various studies:

1. Human beings can concentrate effectively on a single subject for about 40-60 minutes.
2. Human beings are more efficient when taking regular 15-25 minute breaks.

Therefore, when I cycle through different topics I sometimes set two timers:
a "Focus" timer for 45 minutes and a "Relax" timer for 15 minutes

As their names imply, I focus wholly on a single topic for 45 minutes during "Focus", and I relax completely for 15 minutes during "Relax". I do not do more than one thing during "Focus" and I try not to think about those things during "Relax", rather, I do a short meditation, go to the restroom, or have a snack. This approach seems to work well whenever I employ it.

There are still times when I "hyperfocus" on a single topic for an extended period of time, but this method feels healthier and more productive overall.

May you have lots of fun learning! 😉

Some Interesting Tools & Resources (Free)

Masters of Creative Note Taking: Luhmann and Da Vinci
This is an interesting article by Tiago Forte.

The Mentat Wiki
This page contains a lot of memorization techniques, mental math strategies, etc.

The Multiple Mentality Course by Harry Kahne
Harry gave some wonderful demonstrations back in the 1930s in an attempt to prove that we could do more with our minds. His book teaches one how to do the same.

The Art of Memory
This website has games for training one's memory, a wiki with relevant articles, etc.

The Vedic Mathematics Academy
Vedic Mathematics is a set of mental math strategies. This page has several free books and papers that show how to use it.

Trachtenberg Speed Math
The Trachtenberg Speed System is another set of mental math strategies.

Math Forum: Beat The Calculator!
This page contains a whole slew of different mental math tricks.

Brainwave Entrainment Audios
[Safety Warning: Do not use these while operating heavy machinery (e.g.: driving a car)!]

Creative Mind System - Inspiration by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson
Creative Mind System - Vision by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson
Creative Mind System 2.0 - Creative Insight by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson
Creative Mind System 2.0 - Inner Genius by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson