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Destructive Tendencies

Rather than dealing in specifics, let's talk about ideology. While the names and faces may change over time, the type of mindsets that allow for the behavior do not. This is important for several reasons:

1) If you already have even a glimmer of a conscience, it helps inoculate you from adopting such attitudes as your own.

2) It allows you to recognize it whenever you see it, no matter who is doing it.

Potential Character Traits Of A Sociopath / Predator (Listed In No Particular Order)

• Arrogance - "Only I know what is best. Only I matter / exist!"
• Narcissism - "I am perfect; everyone else is imperfect."
• Pride - "I can do no wrong. Don't tell me what is right."
• Megalomania - "I need to control it."
• Objectification - "They are not people, only objects to be used."
• Rationalization / Justification - "I am doing it for your own good. There is a 'greater good' that only I can carry out."
• Divinization - "I have been 'chosen'. I have a 'divine right' to do so."
• Morbid Fascination (With Rape, Murder, etc.) - "I find this 'fun', 'artistic', etc.. 'Normal' is 'boring'."
• Obsession With Death - "I hate life, both other's lives and my own."
• Attitude Of Us Vs. Them - "You aren't part of our group. You belong in that group."
• Despotism - "I am better than them. They are less than me. I have more 'money', 'power', 'status', 'intelligence', 'connections', 'resources', 'influence', 'fame', 'glory', 'strength', etc."
• Dehumanizing - "They are animals to be tamed, not humans to respect."
• "Slippery Slope" - "Just one more time, and then I will 'quit', 'change', etc."
• Desensitization Or Indifference To Pain & Suffering (Both Of Self & Others) - "Oh, they don't care! They won't / can't feel a thing!"
• Apathetic - "I don't care."
• Complacent - "What does it matter?"
• Denial - "It's not true! That doesn't happen!"
• "Head In The Sand" - "Everything is okay! Evil doesn't exist."
• "The Ends Justifies The Means" - "I will achieve my ends by any means necessary."
• Opportunistic - "I can benefit from this tragedy."
• Blackmail By Another (Through Threats, Abuse, etc.) - "I have to continue! I am being forced to!"
• Domination, Might Over Right - "What can I exert my power over? I take what I want!"
• Close-Mindedness, Stubbornness - "I won't change because I personally see no need to."
• Obsession With Hierarchy, Roles, Credentials, Labels, Competition
• Comfortable With Continually Lying (whether by directly stating things which are false, or indirectly by omission or through exaggeration)

These responses may be conditioned voluntarily, being habits formed out of personal choice, or involuntarily, adopted as a coping mechanism by being continually forced into certain situations. Usually a degree of both will happen depending upon the experiences of the person, such as when someone is born into particular circumstances out of their control, but grows up to continue it because "that is all they know" (e.g.: a boy who was raped as a child and eventually becomes a rapist himself).

The most depraved things in this world exist due to desperation and ignorance. Through Love and Wisdom we transform them both.