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Awareness of the Body-Mind

The input of the senses stimulates hormones which generate an emotional reaction that rises up into the heart. From here we can choose whether we accept or deny that sensation. If we accept it, then the energy of our thoughts is coupled to the energy of our emotions and it becomes a living entity that rises up into our brains. From there, this "thought-form" uses our brain as an incubator before it is projected outward, moving into the field around us and drawing to us people and situations that are in resonance with it. This process is generally how "thinking makes destiny", and gaining control over it is how we start to free our Feeling and Desire from the habitual reactions of the body-mind. Most people are aware of this process to some extent. For example, letting a thought pass through your mind without acceptance is very different from giving it constant attention and deriving pleasure from it. People don't usually act on the former, but chances are they will start to act on the latter whether they are aware of it or not. (Fig. IV-B on the bottom of pg. 954 is a good encapsulation of the above.)