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Scientific Evidence of The Eternal Order of Progression

Many things are organized into concentric layers, such as the fields around the body and around the Earth. Likewise, Percival points out that all of reality is organized into the Spheres, Worlds, Planes, States, and Substates that are nested inside of one another in the same manner:

Circles connected with a magenta line are the same size.

The reason why the scheme on the right is usually used to depict them is because it allows us to easily see The Eternal Order of Progression, the cycle in which Nature Units are refined into Intelligence Units:

The golden arrow shows The Eternal Order of Progression as it permeates every level of existence. Let's extract it from the above diagram to make it easier to see:

The Eternal Order of Progression can be approached in a deeply scientific way. In fact, there is mathematician-engineer named Arthur Young whose work describes this same progression in great detail, and even uses the same symbol to represent it:

[Image from the article The Theory of Evolutionary Process As A Unifying Paradigm by Frank Barr]

We won't cover the theory here, but we would like to point out one thing: He calls it "The Arc" and demonstrates (through physics, chemistry, and biology) how it is representative of the stages through which light descends into matter and matter is refined again into light!