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This is an attempt to rebuild, at least part of, the Lindsay Publications catalog. It focused mainly upon books about the tools of the machine shop, steam engines, and other foundational technologies, with a particular emphasis on the practical. [For anyone that might be interested in physical copies, what is left of their old stock is still sold through a company called Your Old Time Bookstore.]

Some of the titles were old enough to be within the public domain. We shall gather as many of them as we can here. Unfortunately, the scans vary greatly in quality, from the superb to the barely readable. They are not sorted into any particular order yet, so please use the "Find" function of your browser to look for a specific topic. All of the books are freely downloadable unless it has [Borrow Only] next to it.

WARNING: Some of these books contain procedures that are inherently dangerous, or that would now be considered unsafe with more collective insight into those practices. Please use caution whenever attempting to apply any of the information. Its misuse could potentially be fatal! Cross-reference it against more modern research whenever possible and/or get assistance from those carefully trained in those subjects...Also, the material on alcohol is included for purposes other than drinking (e.g.: industrial processes).


Articles from several old magazines where compiled into various Lindsay books.

American Machinist Magazine (1877-2009)

Power Engineering Magazine (1902-2013)

Popular Mechanics Magazine (Misc. Issues)

Work Magazine (1889-1892)

Scientific American Supplement (1876-1919)


Railroad Shop Practice by Frank Stanley

Practice and Theory of the Injector by Strickland Kneass

A Catechism of High Pressure Or Non-condensing Steam Engines by Stephen Roper

The Construction of a Gasoline Motor Vehicle by C. C. Bramwell

The Assayer's Guide by Oscar Lieber

Steam Engines - Principles and Practice Edited by Terrell Croft [reprinted as Essential Steam Power Library Volume 8]

Model Engine-Making by John Pocock

A series of textbooks by International Correspondence Schools [partially republished as The Essential Steam Power Library]

The Boys' Book of Engine Building by A. Frederick Collins

Model Engineering by Henry Greenly

Elements of Machine Work by Robert Smith

Advanced Machiine Work by Robert Smith

Accurate Tool Work by Leon Goodrich and Frank Stanley

Modern Toolmaking Methods by Franklin Jones

Metalworking by Paul Hasluck

The Screw-Cutting Lathe by James Hobart

Machine Shop Projects by South Bend Lathe Works

How to Run a Lathe (1934 Edition) by South Bend Lathe Works

How to Make an 8-inch Bench Lathe in the School Shop by South Bend Lathe Works

Change Gear Devices by Oscar Perrigo

Practical Mathematics for Home Study by Claude Palmer

A Treatise on Gear Wheels by George Grant

Gear Cutting Practice by Fred Colvin and Frank Stanley

American Machinist Gear Book by Charles Logue and Reginald Trautschold

Keep Your Lathe In Trim by South Bend Lathe Works

Things That are Usually Wrong by John Sweet

Machine Shop Projects by South Bend Lathe Works

Handbook for Drillers by Cleveland Twist Drill Co.

Machine Shop Methods by Lorus Milne [Borrow Only]

Practical Forging and Art Smithing by Thomas Googerty

The Photographic Negative by W. H. Burbank

The Art and Practice of Silver Printing by William Abney & H.P. Robinson

Photographic Cameras and Accessories by Paul Hasluck

Wilson's Quarter Century in Photography by Edward Wilson

The Ferrotype and How to Make It by Edward Estabrooke

A Thousand and One Formulas by Sidney Gernsback

Manual of Formulas by Raymond Wailes [Borrow Only]

How to Cast Small Metal and Rubber Parts by William Cannon [Borrow Only]

Photography in the Studio and Field by Edward Estabrooke

Harper's Aircraft Book by A. Hyatt Verrill

The Homebuilt Winery by Steve Hughes [Borrow Only]

507 Mechanical Movements by Henry T. Brown

The Backyard Homestead by Carleen Madigan [Borrow Only]

The Making of Mirrors by the Deposition of Metal on Glass by The U.S. Bureau of Standards

Moonshine! by Matthew Roley

The Distillation and Rectification of Alcohol by William Brannt

Seven Centuries of Brass Making by O.A. Kenyon

A Charcoal Kiln Made of Cinder-Concrete Blocks by A. Richard Olson & Henry W. Hicock

Hardening, Tempering, Annealing & Forging of Steel by Joseph Woodworth

Brass & Alloy Founding by H.B. Maynard

Practical Wood Pattern-Making by J. Robert Hall

Forgecraft by Charles Philip Crowe

Copper Work by Augustus Rose

Machine Molding, Foundry Appliances, etc. by International Correspondence Schools

Elementary Forge Practice by Robert Harcourt

Wood Pattern Making by Herbert J. McCaslin

40 Power Tools You Can Make by Popular Mechanics [Borrow Only]

The Founding of Metals by Edward Kirk

The Art of Casting in Iron by Simpson Bolland

The Watchmakers' Lathe by Ward Goodrich

Strength of Materials by J.P. Den Hartog [Borrow Only]

Mechanics by J.P. Den Hartog [Borrow Only]

Aircraft Sheet Metal 1941 by U.S. Army

Sheet-Metal Pattern Drafting and Shop Problems by James Daugherty

50 Metal Spinning Projects by James Reagan & Earl Smith

How to Make a Dynamo by Alfred Crofts

Five Acres and Independence by M.G. Kains [Borrow Only]

Generators & Inverters by Steve Chastain [Borrow Only]

Homebrew Wind Power by Dan Bartmann & Dan Fink [Borrow Only]

Solenoids, Electromagnets, and Electro-Magnetic Windings by Charles Underhill

Build Your Own Electric Vehicle by Seth Leitman and Bob Brant [Borrow Only]

Beginning Hydroponics by Richard Nicholls [Borrow Only]

Neon Signs by Samuel Miller and Donald Fink

[In Progress...]