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The Wolf In Sheep's Clothing: How They Are Bred & The Nature of Their Behavior

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The Formation of The Sociopathic (A Sheep Becomes A Wolf)

Awareness and understanding are pivotal. People only entertain destructiveness within their thoughts, feelings, and actions out of ignorance. We might refer to these destructive tendencies as "sins". They are "deadly" in the sense that they cause fragmentation and decay in both ourselves and our relationships. They undermine our ability to express the constructive, and therefore lead to death, both literally and figuratively.

When there is confusion as to what exactly is the difference between the constructive and destructive, then one is likely to give in to temptations. Some become desensitized to this distinction to the point that they unconsciously begin to pursue "sin". We may liken this pattern of behavior to a "beast" in that a person becomes driven predominantly by their "animal nature", by base desires. Some may also rationalize the "validity" of this behavior by comparing their actions to those of an animal.

To be clear, our bodily appetites are not destructive in and of themselves. For example, hunger can be a signal to eat in order to sustain our bodies. However, the same instinct which can act to preserve life may also seek to destroy it when it is expressed in ignorance. Unchecked hunger can become gluttony, a lust for things that we do not need, or worse, things that may actually cause harm. Therefore, we must temper these instincts with truth and discernment.

If we do not develop this discernment of truth and live it out, then we might become blinded to or fight off that which would actually benefit us, slipping further into the destructive. Thankfully, destructiveness can only take a foothold within our lives to the extent that we allow it, and there is always an opportunity to redirect one's path. However, it can be a slippery slope sometimes...

When overwhelmed by it, people become prideful. They begin to think that their own desires take priority over all, and so begin to manipulate others in an attempt to fulfill them. When this manipulation is done intentionally, then we might refer to it as "iniquity", to knowingly commit "sin" after you are already aware of the consequences of that thought, feeling, or action. Conscience is equality born of empathy, an understanding that all others are as important as we are, while simultaneously respecting ourselves.

Becoming more efficient in taking advantage of others should never be mistaken as "clever", nor can we ever hope to find "success" by such means, as internal "holes" can never be filled with things external to us. Peace and Love overflow from within and are extended to everything around us, not parasitically leached from them.

When the animalistic desires are left unchecked by conscience and are aided by cunning, then the "wolf in sheep's clothing" appears. This is when a person puts on an aura of "goodness" to try to maximize the effect of their deception, but underneath this cloak of charisma lies a heart of darkness. Other people have become "prey", the "objects" that they attempt to feed off of in whatever ways they can. It is important to note that these ways of thinking, feeling, and doing are not limited to those whom we would normally label as "rapists", "murderers", etc. Everyone must domesticate their inner animal to some extent.

A Hypothetical Scenario (The Wolves Desire The World)

A man works hard to start a business and becomes highly successful within his field. However, while it may have started off with "good intentions", the stress and demands eventually drive him more and more towards the sociopathic. "Success" becomes the only thing that matters to him, so the work becomes less honest and "success" is achieved "by any means necessary". It is done with just enough service towards others to look "good" on the outside, but is filled with corrupt motivations on the inside. It grows like a tumor. Some honest people work with him unwittingly, thinking that the business is an extension of the ideals that it professes. Few are fully aware of the schemes and want to make themselves a part of them, and those that do are usually of a similar socipathic bent. They become a pack of wolves who lust for control and riches.

Once he reaches a certain level of "success", he attempts to use his influence to burn the bridge behind him so that none may follow his path to riches. His greed knows no bounds and he wants everything for himself. This creates a strong division in the distribution of power and wealth within his sphere of influence. Those who get the "short end of the stick" in this deal notice and start to rebel. Few recognize the actual source of the issue (i.e.: their own sociopathic tendencies). To further divert the attention from himself, he invests in actions which set the people against one another by playing off of those tedencies. If you "divide and conquer", then the power expressed through unity can never become fully manifest.

Being an opportunist whom knows how to twist a situation to his own ends, he devises a plan to extend his reach. And he knows that if he presents a convincing enough "solution" to the problems that he has helped to create, then he can hide his nefarious plan even more thoroughly by being seen as a "hero". Who would question the intentions of someone whom everyone recognizes as a "philanthropist", as a "pillar of moral fortitude", as the one who has "solved all of their problems"?

Meanwhile, his "solution" is a "trojan horse" which surreptitiously implements a system to more thoroughly control the people seen as "lesser". It is not enough that he and his pack horde all power and wealth in society, but that others also become slaves to their ends. The trick is getting people to willingly be a part of that system, to dress it up as something "wonderful" so that it is distributed far and wide. The sheep are happily building a fence around themselves, unaware that they will not be able to escape when the wolves come to slaughter them.

The first step is to centrialize media. You control the outcome of a story if you direct the narrative. Brainwash through constant repetition of distortions, by suppressing dissent towards one's aims, and by flooding the channels with noise to make it harder to perceive the truth. Then, increase fear and desperation by "poisoning the well" and "manufacturing lack". In the struggle for survival everyone becomes an animal. Now, you can more easily corral them together!

Once in their pen, if they truly get to know one another, then they might be able to see that they're all fundamentally within the same position and could make plans together to escape it. Therefore, prod them around and tell them that it was "the other guy" who did it. Families become adversaries, friends become enemies, everyone is a "stranger" in a world of violence.

When they start to fight amongst themselves, further division by ascribing each group a label and fostering a mindset of "us vs. them". Then, whip the mob into a frenzy so that it becomes an army to kill off one's opponents in secret. Fighting may bury resentment for a time, but it never resolves problems, yet many still mistakenly believe that it does. If you want to keep them fighting forever, then make sure that they never find this out.

Finally, use technology to expedite all of these processes. Create stronger weapons (nuclear, electromagnetic, chemical, biological, psychosocial, atmospheric, etc.), and stockpile enough of them to hold the entire world hostage. If no one is tempted to "push the button", then get everyone to burn up all of their time, attention, energy, and resources on fruitless goals. Waste and pollute everything until absolutely nothing is left...

Little do even the most vicious wolves know, they too were once sheep. They're simply being used by an entity that wishes to kill everyone, including them. Any plan for dominance of the world ends in its utter destruction, for evil allowed to run wild will eventually destroy itself.

Therefore, this entity has no life of its own, but is composed of the destructive thoughts, feelings, and actions of all. People are possessed by it whenever they repeatedly and willfully choose "sin". Step-by-step the plan is undone when we choose to honestly work together towards the constructive without compromise.

...but beware of one who claims to have all of the answers. They may just be a wolf in sheep's clothing.