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Reference Links

Buckminster Fuller Institute: Synergetics
A nice summary with links to both volumes of Synergetics and The Synergetics Dictionary; both were digitized by R.W. Gray, but co-written with E.J. Applewhite

The R. Buckmisnter Fuller FAQ: Synergetics
Some helpful tips on how to read Synergetics by C.J. Fearnley

A Fuller Explanation
One of the most lucid introductions to Synergetics outside of Buckminster's own hard-to-find books Tetrascroll and Cosmography, written by Amy C. Edmondson

[A nice downloadable PDF is also available for purchase from Lulu; avoid the overpriced copy on Google Books]

Personal Notes

Media By/About Buckminster Fuller
A more general look at Buckminster Fuller and his work, outside of Synergetics

[In Progress...]