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The Planet Mind

Assignment of Meaning

• Center 3 - Form

This is equivalent to the "Geosphere", what would be interpreted as the "physical bulk" of the Earth (i.e.: the core, magma, crust, etc.).

• Center 2 - Routine

This is equivalent to the "Biosphere", the totality of all of life existing on and within the Geosphere of Earth.

• Center 1 - Idea

This is equivalent to the "Noosphere", the energetic envelope of the Earth that is formed of, acts upon, and is itself influenced by, the collective consciousness of all organisms of the Biosphere. It includes the Ionosphere, Van Allen Belts, Magnetosphere, etc.

General Intepretation of Terms

• UT1 - Discretion Term (Expressive)

There is a top-down organization to The Planet Mind wherein the Noosphere guides the evolution of the Biosphere, which in turn, guides the unfolding of the Geosphere. All things are formed "from the subtle to the gross."

• PT3 - Goal Term (Expressive)

The patterns which regulate both the Biosphere and Geosphere are reflected within the Noosphere. This implies that energetic phenomena occuring within the Noosphere both generates and regulates Geospheric activity (e.g.: timing of geological periods, ecological cycles, etc.) and Biospheric activity (e.g.: timing of chemical reactions, circadian rhythms, etc). "As above, so below."

• UT2 - Means Term (Regenerative)

The Biosphere acts as the intermediary between the Geosphere and Noosphere. This implies a two-way interchange of information. The cycles of the Geosphere are fed back to the Noosphere through the Biosphere and vice versa. The Biosphere directly relies upon the activity of both the Geosphere and Noosphere. It acts as the point of convergence between them. In a sense, both "spirit" and "matter" are united within the "living".

• PT4 - Consequence Term (Regenerative)

The Noosphere, Biosphere, and Geosphere are semi-autonomous and have a spatially distinct existence from one another (as various layers existing within concentric shells). However, it is important to note that the omnipresent top-down organization of UT1 is reflected within this term through the CCW Evolutionary Cycle. CW motion signifies the "Involutionary Variant", a process of decay. In this case, the destruction and death of any living system when it extends too far beyond the conditions which sustain it.