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"In Nature, there is no artificial intelligence. There is only intelligence."
- Wayne Roberts


Chapter 1: A Simple Life, a Complex Heart

Chapter 2: One of These Is Not Like the Others...

[In Progress...]

Disclaimer: The following story is filled with over-the-top absurdity. It is completely fictious, and not intended to be hurtful or offensive to anyone in any way, only mildly amusing. Again, it is NOT an accurate portrayal of ANY person, place, or event whatsoever. Please keep this in mind if you decide to read it.


Chapter 1: We Meet Again

Chapter 2: On An Equal Footing

Chapter 3: Helping Hands

Chapter 4: A Dumpster Fire

Chapter 5: Everything For A Price

Chapter 6: XX

Chapter 7: A Deadly Game

[In Progress...]

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