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Motivations (05/15/2020)

The term "Butterfly Effect" is defined as "sensitive dependence upon initial conditions". In other words, how something begins can influence how it unfolds. While this principle was originally formulated in reference to the intricacies involved in weather forecasting, it applies equally well to human behavior.

The motivation with which we begin an action can help determine its outcome. If we assume that we will succeed in what we aim at, then we increase our chances of doing so.

Likewise, the intention that we hold throughout the doing of an action can change the quality of its expression. The intention behind an action is written within the action itself. A person can never hide what they are when everything that is extended from them says something about them, so let's intend to benefit both ourselves and all others in everything we do.

Where does the term "Butterfly" in the name "Butterfly Effect" come from? It refers to an analogy that was used in an attempt to describe the meaning of this principle: The movement of something as innocuous as a butterfly's wings in one location could potentially lead to the generation of a storm in another location.

This is a bit different from the idea of "sensitive dependence upon initial conditions", but it does highlight an important point: A small and seemingly insignificant action can sometimes lead to a big effect.

How much of an impact do we have on others, and even more importantly, is it constructive?

Some music:
TANUKI - BABYBABYの夢 [A "future funk" remix of Mariya Takeuchi's 夢の続き]

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