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The CorB & LLT Mixtape Listening Party

• Personal Songs [Coming Soon]

Writing About Music & Learning Musical Skills

Language Analogies For Music

How To Learn The Musical Language

Music As Storytelling (Blog from 06/23/2020)

Musical Notes & Intervals

Ear Training & Interval Arithmetic

Keyboard - Grand Staff Equivalence

The Basics of Rhythm (Part 1)

The Basics of Rhythm (Part 2) [In Progress...]

The Basics of Rhythm (Part 3)

Dynamics and Articulation

Adventures In Melody Making

Major Scales

The Tonal System

A Foundation for Chords (Part 1)

A Foundation for Chords (Part 2)

Chords of Major Scales

Basic Cadences

Basic Chord Progressions

Generating Chord Progressions

Memorizing Chord Progressions

Varying How Chords Are Played

Piano Improv With Just Chord Tones

Adventures In Honing Harmonies

Basic & Compound Skills

Learning As Sequences

Deciphering Songs (For "Playing By Ear" & Transcribing)

Tips For Sight-Reading

Tips For Playing Piano Without Looking

"Perfect Practice Makes Perfect"

Writing With Minor Scales

Diatonic & Chromatic

Changing Up Melodies

The Key To Key Changes

The Seven Modes

Chord Functions In Modes

Other Chords, Cadences, & Chord Progressions

Other Scales

Negative Melodies & Harmonies

Musical Texture & Counterpoint

• Polyrhythms & Polymeters [Coming Soon]


A Framework For Writing

Reviewing Aspects of Songwriting


• Rock Bands & Orchestras (Instrumentation / Orchestration) [Coming Soon]

• Recording, Mixing, Mastering [Coming Soon]

• Composing Music For Media (Diegesis & Leitmotifs) [Coming Soon]

Acoustics & Music Theory

A Musical Universe

Music Learning Resources