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Language Learning Links - Multilingual

General Websites

Interactive IPA Chart
Comments: One of the most important tools in linguistics; see J.C. Catford's classic text, A Practical Introduction to Phonetics, for an explanation of it

Comments: A beautiful website with summary explanations of many different languages

Comments: A collection of language dictionaries and online multilingual keyboards

Book2 Audio Trainer
Comments: An audio phrasebook that has been translated into 50 different languages

Forvo Pronunciation Dictionary
Comments: Recordings of individual words

HiNative Language Exchange
Comments: Ask native speakers for explanations or corrections

Books & Articles

[We have put together a series of language learning tools elsewhere.]

Kató Lomb - Polyglot: How I Learn Languages [Summary]
Comments: A "polyglot" is a person who speaks multiple languages. Kató Lomb was an interpreter of around 16 different languages.

iReviews - 34 Great Apps and Resources to Help You Learn a Language
Comments: A fantastic run down of many of the apps and services for learning multiple languages, whether free or paid

YouTube Channels / Videos (In no particular order)


Tim Doner - Breaking The Language Barrier (TEDxTeen 2014)

[In Progress...]