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Disclaimer: These articles are just a sharing of ideas. None of this is intended to convince anyone of the validity of any particular view, nor undermine the truth of whatever beliefs they already hold. All sections will be expanded as time allows.

Healing & Self-Development


A Process For Changing Habits

Handling Stress, Anxiety, and Trauma

Learning & Productivity

Handling Complexity

A Blueprint For Life

Communication, Language

Constraints In Communication

Language Learning Links

Nutrition, Health

A Few Ideas In Nutrition

Finding Food Without Death

Plants As Food & Medicine

Abundance Through Food Preservation & Economy

Relationships, Sexuality

Attraction In Relationships

Relationship Difficulties

Pains Avoidable Through Peaceful Living

Sex Is Scientific + Spiritual



Destructive Tendencies

The Wolf In Sheep's Clothing: How They Are Bred & The Nature of Their Behavior

Governments, Economies, Religions

Civilization Made Anew

The New Ecology

Becoming Custodians of Nature

The Rise and Fall of Societies

Photos From The Future

A Work In Progress...Aren't We All?...

Self-Motivated Learning & The Future of Education


Interesting Articles & Webpages From Around The Internet

Interspiritual Teachings

Abrahamic (mainly Judaism, Christianity, Islam)

A Simple Intepretation of Christianity

Biblical History & Meaning (Part 1: Purpose)

Interpretation of Text & Alpha-Numeric Codes

The Fruits of The Holy Spirit (A Small Concordance)

CCM Albums (Various Genres)

Movies (Entertainment & Educational)

Taoism & Shinto

An Intepretation of Taoism (Part 1)

Syncretic, Comparative Religious Studies

Lost Knowledge: A Story

Transforming Conceptions of "God" Reflected In Biology & Society

Gradus ad Parnassum

Personal Experiences

The Journey Home

Loop Life (PDF) [Right-Click, "Save As..."]

A Theory of Everything

Specific Topics

The names of the founders (and a few contributors) to those topics is given in parentheses.

The Russell Cosmogony & Living Philosophy
(Walter & Lao Russell)

(Buckminster Fuller, E.J. Applewhite, et al.)

Syndex Number Dynamics
(Robert Marshall, Russell Kramer, Iona Miller, Jim Egan, Justin Lawless, et al.)

VBM: Vortex-Based Mathematics
(Marko Rodin, Scot Nelson, Randy Powell, Jamie Buturff, et al.)

The System of Cosmic Order
(Robert Campbell)

System Dynamics
(Jay Forrester, Dennis Meadows, Donella Meadows, et al.)

VSM: Viable System Model
(Stafford Beer, Jon Walker, et al.)

Living Systems Theory
(James Grier Miller, Elaine Parent, Lane Tracy, et al.)

The Mereon Matrix
(Lynnclaire Dennis, Louis H. Kauffman, Robert W. Gray, Jytte Brender McNair, Peter McNair, et al.)

Symmetric Field Physics
(The Star People, Aaity Olson)

The Reciprocal System of Theory
(Dewey Larson, Ronald Satz, Bruce Peret, et al.)

Quantum Arithmetic
(Ben Iverson, Dale Pond, Carl Elkins, Arto Heino)

Thinking & Destiny
(Harold Percival)