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Disclaimer: Please note that the following summaries are colored by my interpretations. They are not intended to act as a replacement for the reading of these books, but simply as a tool to aid one in their studies. Likewise, the inclusion of a book is not necessarily an endorsement of these works or their author(s).


Books are organized alphabetically by author's last name. Click on a link to jump to that section, or use the "Find" function of your browser to search the list. While every page has a link to a (legal) online copy wherever possible, not every page has review material yet. We are systematically working through them. For now, green checkmarks will designate pages that are pretty much complete.

Interpersonal Relationships & Marriage
General Psychology & Communication
Logic & Scientific Method
Health & Healing

Interpersonal Relationships & Marriage

✝ = Christian
Ψ = Psychological
[Note: These are just a general guide. The categories often overlap.]


Augsburger, David. Sustaining Love. Regal Books, 1988.


Bach, George R., and Peter Wyden. The Intimate Enemy. Avon Books, 1968. Ψ

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Vaughan, Peggy. To Have and to Hold. Newmarket Press, 2010.


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General Psychology & Communication


Amdur, Ellis. Words of Power. Self-Published, 2020.

Andreas, Steve, and Charles Faulkner, editors. NLP: The New Technology of Achievement. William Morrow and Company, Inc., 1994.

Applewhite, Barry. Feeling Good About Your Feelings. Victor Books, 1980.

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Logic & Scientific Method


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Health & Healing


Streit, Lizzie. The Complete Guide to Natural Vitamins from Food and Supplements. New Burlington Books, 2021.